Voices All-Inclusive 5-Day Writers Retreat

August  28 to Sept 2, 2020

Taos Goji Eco Lodge - Northern New Mexico


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Become inspired like other great writers at Taos Goji Eco Lodge...

Taos Goji Eco Lodge and Farm is nestled in the Sangre De Cristo Mountains. We have charming, historic log cabins for rent in close proximity to Taos, NM (11 miles) and the Taos Ski Valley and Red River (30 minutes). These fully furnished vacation homes are situated on a 40 acre goji berry farm. The cabins are surrounded by national forest with a great view of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Our location is a perfect event venue to hold small retreats, reunions and weddings with a 500 sq ft lodge space and a 1600 sq ft open barn.

Some of the cabins were built at the beginning of last century, originally used by sheepherders and were once the center of town. The English writer Aldous Huxley lived and wrote in one of the cabins and also built an outhouse that is still intact. We found watercolors by writer, poet and painter D.H. Lawrence as well as letters between himself and his wife Frieda in the attic. Elizabeth Kubler Ross, a pioneer in psychiatry and spiritual teacher Ram Dass has also stayed here. We raise organic goji berries and various breeds of chickens. We also have goats and alpacas. Fresh veggies and eggs are available seasonally.


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Artist Retreat

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Aldous Huxley's Cabin

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Writer's Cabin

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Poet's View

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Pond Casita

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D.H. Lawrence

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Dorothy Brett

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Frieda Lawrence

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Georgia O'Keefe

Our historic cabins were built at the turn of the last century. All of them have been renovated and have a kitchen and bathroom. Most of our casitas and cabins are heated with wood fire stoves and air pump units. We hope to install solar heating as well.

VOICES is a 3-Phase Process...


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Phase #1: Get Connected

Get Connected to your story and your fellow VOICES writers at the Intuitive All-Inclusive Transformational Group Writing Retreat

August 28 to Sept 2, 2020

Taos Goji Eco Lodge

During this 5-Night; 6-Day intimate Writer's Retreat, you will be guided throughout the writing of your," braving it all story"

Morning Yoga and Meditation (Steve Thurson from, Heart Inspired Love inc. 

Spiritual connection is an intimate unique process for everyone, we invite you into your own personal journey guided with nurturing and respect.

All Organic Chef-Prepared Meals (prepared for you by the micronutrient balanced specialist chef, Nye Gallaway. NOW YOUR ENERGIZED, NYE>3)

Transformational Group Work (so you can overcome blocks holding you back from finding your voice) Experience the power of being lifted up by a group while unearthing your story. 

Alone Time to Write and Process (tap into your intuition... so you can hear your inner wisdom more clearly)

Nature Walks and Connection to Sacred Land, intimacy with God/Jesus if this spiritual union is of importance to you. 

Learn how your story is stored in your whole body and how intuitive connection and soul nourishment can assist you to release it. 

Private Coaching with Chloe Rachel Gallaway (priceless on-demand support available to you) Be seen, be heard, become strong. 

 A Ceremonial experience with spiritual guide Jacqui Simpson, leading you into a sacred space to access your own spiritual guidance and releasing any fears and doubts toward the release of things that no longer serve you, as well as, inviting in the greatest version of your wisdom and desires for your future. 

Phase #2: Becoming More You

 Building Your Platform (Becomes a Benefit)

Prepare for meeting your spirit guides in a deeply nourishing environment

Begin the Transformational Journey into a deep connection to yourself and experience finding your intuitive voice and power. With the support of each instructor and a priceless sacred environment.   Where ever you are at on the journey we will meet you in this place. Become more visible with your courage and writing ability, voice it aloud to your sisters and get prepared to voice it through a published book. 

Phase #3: Get Published!

 Publishing of VOICES

 By this phase, the editing process will have prepared your VOICES story inclusion in a professionally published and internationally distributed book. (Details on royalties, book sales, and publishing dates will be discussed in your contract agreement when signing up for this program)

 Becoming a published author is one of the fastest and most intimate of ways to build credibility, position yourself and your business, and most importantly, gain the respect, value and connection of your people.

The story of your finding your way and the ups and downs that led to who you've become, while witnessing the miracles of your work in action, will now be wrapped in a beautifully crafted gift to share with the world!

This project is for you if you are:

 Ready to step into the true you more fully by embracing all the parts of your story and learning how to use it in the world...

You're ready to claim your voice

You're ready to be seen for who you truly are standing in your power

You have been looking to get your message out

You desire the empowerment and accomplishment of sharing your own story

You want to lead others with your gifts and purpose

You understand the value in investing in yourself when it's aligned

You want to truly understand the power of learning to write in a way that connects

You are wanting to build a platform and get more visible with who you are, possibly use your story to build your business, or simply aw inspire your loved ones. 

If the thought of promoting a book overwhelms you, this is the perfect project to join - You won't be alone!

There will be 9 powerful women alongside you...

Imagine the energy of every woman contributing her voice, resources and mission to get this book into the world!


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Save months of time by unearthing your story in one transformational reatreat!


Become a published author in the VOICES program with an expert publisher who has 20 years of experience in the industry.

Penelope Love of Citrine Publishing is an authentic professional who cares about the craft of story and the power of voice.


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Professional Book Promotion Support

Special Online Launch Party!

Join your fellow VOICES authors to celebrate your accomplishment during our cooperative launch party.

Together, we will team up to launch the book so we can reach as many people with our combined message as possible. Opportunities for speaking and book signings, depending on authors goals.

Words from VOICES author...

The Voices Retreat was a once in a lifetime experience for me. I did not consider myself a writer, but have always loved hearing and working through the power of sharing your story. I believe there are no accidents in life and I met Chloe for a reason that is unfolding as we speak. She has introduced me to a craft of how to tell my story that can help others through connecting within my mind, body, and soul. I was intimidated, nervous, but excited to learn from her intuitive writing style. I left nourished, confident, and accomplished with the tools to complete my story and share with the world. We were a group of women of all ages, backgrounds, and variety of stories to share but all connected at heart center. Thank you Chloe for this opportunity that forever has changed my life.  

- Lori Cheramie, Social Marketer Modere

 Become a Published Author...

Learn what it means to work with an experienced publisher, and writing coach while, publishing and launching a book...

The Duo Leading the VOICES Movement:

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Chloe Rachel Gallaway

Author and Intuitive Writing Coach Chloe Rachel Gallaway is the founder of The Winged River Writer and author of The Soulful Child, Twelve Years In The Wilderness, a memoir of her life growing up through age twelve in the wilderness of Northern New Mexico. Currently making a global impact with readers from all around the world. Chloe’s unusual life of growing up deeply connected to nature and spirit has led her to a unique process of intuitively connecting to writing. The writing of her memoir became the foundation for her business and empowered her to become a warrior for helping others to find the truth in their story. She knows firsthand about moving through pain and finding joy on the other side, by embracing one’s authentic self and finding the power in their voice!

As a mentor and facilitator of the writing process, Chloe is unlike anyone in the industry. She combines her experience of growing up in the wilderness with her training in mindfulness tools and literary writing techniques to deliver a powerful process of self-transformation and empowerment through writing. She helps her people move from fear to courage, and from doubt to confidence, in mastering the dance between craft and intuition. 

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Penelope Love

Penelope Love is the publisher of Citrine Publishing nestled up in the mountains of North Carolina. As a professional editor since 1997, she first edited for Barnes & Noble and Health Communications, Inc. (HCI) of Chicken Soup for the Soul before evolving to an independent editor and publisher for dozens of books published both traditionally and independently. Throughout her career she has fashioned dozens of books on the creative and business sides, dimensions that coalesce in Citrine Publishing. Academically, Penelope was recognized as an Outstanding Master’s Graduate by the University of Florida, where her published research pioneered innovative strategies that unleash the printed word within our contemporary digital landscape. Her refined combination of industry sophistication and creative vision supports compelling new authors on the road from inspiration to publication. Penelope is known by authors as a genuine professional who cares and is attentive to the little things, the details of the publishing process that bring a book to life. A true enthusiast of the written word, she works with cutting-edge authors desiring an authentic partnership and a steady, grounded hand to hold in this ever-evolving industry. With her own memoir forthcoming in 2018, she recognizes the transformational power of “personal” storytelling and she delivers enchanting creativity and compassion to every writer’s unique process of awakening on their path to publication.

Do I have to be a writer already?

You don't have to be a writer to do this project, but must have a desire to learn to write.

With my gifts of helping women reconnect to the light within and find their voice,  I will help you unearth your story.

Why should I invest in the VOICES Intuitive Writing Retreat?

    > It's about Transformation...not Information.

      There is no other collection of stories program out there like VOICES,

      from the intuitive retreat process, deep connection, small numbers of women 

      & the many layers of support all the way through, to publication and launch of the book

  • Get your story done in a timely manner

  • Write a well-Crafted powerful piece that will make an impact

  • Become a part of the movement that begins at the retreat, and continues through the book launch phase. 

How will my story fit along with the diversity of stories. 

This process is about learning to speak your truth in written form and honoring exactly who you are...

  • We will all be at different stages

  • Your story might be about motherhood, you full time career as an entrepreneur, your journey to healing,  or being the CEO of your own company, it's about getting a message out that matters not the credential of what you do

  • You need to be in the experience and connected to what matters to you

What are the benefits of an all-inclusive package that includes publishing and marketing support?

  • It's challenging to write your story, doing it with a, "one of a kind," facilitator of the writing process is invaluable

  • It's hard to find good publishing. (This is an understatement! It is almost impossible to find good publishing these days that includes cover to cover excellence and launch support)

  • Finding an all-inclusive package that can help you get your message out, in well written form, professionally edited and published with a team of women behind you is priceless!

If you have a larger book in you to write, this program can be a great stepping-stone to tell the fundamental story of your journey that “your people” will want to hear. You can hint at tidbits of the larger story to help them connect to your bigger book that is coming.

And if you’re not planning to write a book, VOICES is a great opportunity to tell this invaluable piece of your story that will speak directly to your people.

Launching a book with a known author, a skilled publisher, and a powerful group of women is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Words from VOICES author...

My thirty years of writing in journals, creating poems and healing from childhood traumas was my decision to take the road less travelled to save my life. Scott Peck’s book was my first awareness that I may be able to understand my reality.

Unknowingly, I have been writing my story of finding my voice for thirty years. I was unaware my journey would lead me to read “The Soulful Child, connect with Chloe Gallaway and make a very huge decision to attend her first “Women Who Are Finding Their Voice” writers retreat. Chloe’s life experiences and her ongoing determination to be a genuine vessel for other women’s emergence from darkness into the light makes her unique and special to me. Her writing tools for writing my memoir vary from what we learned we will author for Voices at the writers retreat. Nurturing micro-nutrient meals, early morning yoga (for those who wanted to participate), serene New Mexico ranchland that hosted the largest labyrinth I have ever walked, three daily writing classes holding time to write filled our entire day. Five amazing women from early 40’s to myself at 76, wrote, read, laughed and cried to support one another. We were often led by Spirit to grow and enhance our Warrior Woman Voices.

Joan Teagle Brumage, LCSW, LISW, CACII - La Luz, New Mexico

(Tuition for this All-InClusive Program is 10K )

Take the journey of a life time and integrate your story!  

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